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At Glenmoor Pool Service, we provide many service and repair options that are tailored to fit the needs of your pool or hot tub at a price you can afford.

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Green-to-Clean Cleanup

Is your pool, spa or other water feature looking like a frog pond? When it is left unattended, that is exactly what it will become. If algae is allowed to grow unchecked, it can quickly take over, turning your once beautiful pool into a nasty, smelly green cesspool. Worse yet, it is now the perfect breeding ground for disease carrying mosquitos. If left for extended periods, the algae can deeply stain plaster finishes requiring a chlorine wash to restore.

Before we can begin a cleanup from a severe yellow, green, or black algae bloom, we must first determine if your water may be part of the problem. This involves testing the “Total Dissolved Solids” in the water. Over time, typically 7 to 10 years in pools, the amount of material dissolved in the water increases to a level that will interfere with effectiveness of the chlorine to kill algae. Although not required, it is highly recommended that all or part of the water be drained and replaced if the TDS is very high.

The cleanup process typically takes 4 to 10 days, depending on severity, and requires that the filtration system be in good working order. After the initial chemical treatment, we will return every day to retreat as necessary until all algae has been eliminated. We will continue to return every couple days to brush, vacuum and clean the filter when required until all debris has been removed and the pool has been returned to a swimmable state. Several filter cleanings are often required before the full clarity of the water returns.

The cost of this service varies depending on the severity of the algae bloom and the size of the pool, hot tub, fountain or other water feature.

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Chlorine and Acid Washing

Has your pool or hot tub lost that beautiful blue luster it once had? Many things can cause damage to the white plaster surface of your pool. Poor water chemistry is the cause of many plaster problems and can allow stains to be absorbed into the plaster or scale to build on it's surface. If addressed early, many plaster damage issues can be reversed using chemical treatments without the need to drain the pool. However, there comes a point at which a more aggressive restoration method must be used. Depending on the nature of the damage to the plaster, one of two wash methods, either chlorine or acid, may be used to restore the plaster to a beautiful finish.

Chlorine Wash
Chlorine washing is the right solution when organic staining has deeply penatrated the surface. Organic stains can be caused when debris such as dirt, leaves or algae have been left for long periods of time. Improper use of stain inhibitors can also cause deep staining to the plaster over time. In order to chlorine wash your pool, we begin by draining the pool and pressure washing the entire surface. This will remove any debris, such as dirt and algae, from the plaster. A chlorine mixture is then scrubbed onto the entire surface. The surface is then rinsed and the mixture is removed from the pool or hot tub.
Acid Wash
Acid washing is often required when more than just organic stain is found on the plaster. Calcium scale is the most common problem requiring an acid wash to fix. Calcium scale often traps dirt and other stain causing minerals such as iron under it leaving the pool surface unsightly and rough. Before acid washing your pool or hot tub, we will drain your pool and pressure wash the entire surface. This will remove any debris, such as dirt and algae, from the plaster. A special muriatic acid based mixture is then scrubbed onto the surface and then quickly rinsed away. This process is repeated throughout the pool until a beautiful uniform finish is reached. The surface is then rinsed again and the acid mixture is nutralized and removed from the pool or hot tub.

After the wash process has been completed, the filter will be cleaned and the pool or hot tub will be refilled and the water balanced. The cost for this service is determined by the size of the pool or hot tub.

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